No Signal

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No Signal

Beitragvon mambo44 » So 30. Jul 2017, 11:15

Hi all,

I tried to connect the LG 24M35 display (VGA and DVI D Ports) to an Acer XC 780 Computer (no dedicated graphics card, Intel i5 6400 onboard graphics) with a HDMI port using a suitable cable (HDMI to DVI). However I cannot get a signal. I do not see anything. I tried to boot the PC and it seems as if the computer would boot correcty. I cannot see anything though. I also tried it with a bootable Linux DVD and even though the Computer seems to boot correctly I have no signal and the Monitor shuts himself down due to energy saving because he has no signal.

Now the surprising thing:

The monitor with the same cable works well when connected to the HDMI port of a friends Computer using a GTX 970 graphics card. So the Display seems to be ok as well as the cable. It does not work when connected to the onboard graphics HDMI port on that Computer (i5 6600k).


Is the 24M35 only working with some Computers and not with others? Again,, the LG 24M35 works when connected to the GTX 970 but not when connected to onbard graphics. Shouldn't that be mentioned in the advertisement/description of the display? I find it very disappointing giving away money for a display that doesn't work with my computer when it is not mentioned whith which computers it will work and with which it doesn't....

Or is there another possible explanation for this? I do not want to judge before I have the full picture. And I still hope to get the LG 24M35 running with the Acer XC 780 Computer using the I5 6400 onboard graphics (that should be capable of driving a Full HD display).

Thanks and sorry for my bad English ;) .


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