Bluetooth with an LG 840G

Vielseitig und stylisch sind die LG Mikrowellen. Die Küchenhelfer geben dir mit ihren zahlreichen innovativen Features viele Gründe, sie zu nutzen: Die Kombination aus Grill-, Gar- und Auftaufunktion verknüpft mit der Intellowave Technolgie ist nur eins der überzeugenden Argumente.

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Bluetooth with an LG 840G

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Although things had been going swimmingly for auite a while, it seems I can no longer send a photo taken with my LG 840G phone to my MacBook Pro laptop. I can't think of a single thing that changed on either device recently, except the laptop got a new battery. I've restarted both devices numerous times, taken the battery out of the phone and reinstalled, tried to re-pair countless times, and it still won't work. Both devices show up on each other's lists of Bluetooth devices and I can send a photo from the laptop to the phone, no problem. Any ideas of what else to try?

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