New UI Enclosure CD image_(ew)_(version 10072)

Mit unseren Network Attached Storage Lösungen bietet LG optimale Möglichkeiten für ein sicheres Daten-Backup. Über USB-Port und Speicherkarten können externe Daten gelesen und umgehend gespeichert werden, die Abfrage erfolgt online von überall auf der Welt. So einfach kann ein Backup sein!

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New UI Enclosure CD image_(ew)_(version 10072)

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Good morning. LG Electronics DS Division.

N4B2 (NS2) New UI Enclosure CD image.

? Notice (1) ?

LG Network Storage UI changed to New Platform UI.

When upgrading from Old UI to New Platform UI, Data stored in Network Storage will be erased.

If you want to upgrade to the New Platform UI,

Please backup your data and upgrade.

? Notice (2) ?

1. The iSCSI functionality for ODD is no longer supported in the New UI.
Please do not upgrade if you want to continue using this feature.

2. New UI does not support PlusDisk. If you are using NetDrive with PlusDisk installed
Please do not upgrade to the New UI.

? New UI upgrade method

1. Create New UI Enclosure CD
1) Download the file from LG HomePage and unzip it.

2) (Connect Network Storage Folder)
Save the firmware-ns2_b2b_common_10072.iso file in the Service ? Backup ? cd-image folder

3) (Connect to Network Storage Manager page)
WebMenu ? Blu-ray ? Burn ? Burn Image ? firmware-ns2_b2b_common_10072.iso
Insert the blank CD in Select ? Burn and burn to create the Enclosure CD.

2. Install New UI using Enclosure CD
(For details, refer to 'Installing LG Network Storage' in the User's Guide 20 Page.)

1) While the NETWORK power is off, hold down the 'S' button and simultaneously press the Power button
Run LG Network Storage.

2) After about 20 seconds, the tray opens with the message Insert Boot CD.

3) Insert New UI Enclosure CD created in '1' and close the tray.

4) Follow the instructions on the LCD window to install the new UI, install the NewUI and proceed with volume configuration.

? For details, refer to 'Installation of LG Network Storage' in the User's Guide 20 Page.

? Changes

1. Add Remote Window Explorer function

2. Add a community board

- Add a simple board-style community board to share stories among NAS users

3. Add multimedia browser

4. Adding System Resource Check

- CPU & memory utilization, check transfer status

5. Account application function

6. Add brightness and sound setting function

7. Improved FTP function

- Advanced option support (MLSD FXP option)

- FTP passive port changeable

8. Current User Status Check function for each service (Web, CIFS (samba), AFP, FTP, NFS)

9. Torrent download path change support

10. Firmware auto upgrade support

- Clicking the button will check whether the firmware server has the latest firmware

If there is latest firmware, it will be automatically downloaded and upgraded.

11. Hangul folder name can be registered

- Can register Korean folder in the top folder name

12. Smart check function Hard disk that grasps the status of hard disk and informs about possibility of failure
Self-diagnosis function

Note If you encounter a SMART status error after upgrading to a new UI,
In the conventional UI, the hard disk condition is not detected by the SMART check.
Hard disk Smart status errors that did not show up because the feature was not present
The SMART check function added later is exposed on the Web UI.

13. HDD iSCSI Function Support

14. Support firewall function

15. Support volume encryption function

16. Disk (ODD) encryption function support

17. Support home monitoring function

18. Support for Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion)

19. iTunes 10.5 compatible

Hi. Is there anyone running this!!!!!!

Jakob Christensen

i Have the ISO (firmware-ns2_b2b_common_10072.iso)

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